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Laney Walker

During the early development of Laney Walker, North Historic District is the Georgia Railroad in 1833 and the building of the Augusta Canal from 1845 to 1847. These activities and the industries have developed brought many labor workers to the area due to the high needs of housing developments and construction. The neighborhood functioned as a mix of the well-integrated, multi-ethnic working-class community until the end of the 19th century associated with its three historic minority populations like Chinese, African American, and Irish. The district has been a significant area due to its wide variety of modest residential, institutional, and commercial buildings that dates from the mid-19th through early and 20th century.

During the early 20th century, Jim Crow has been zoning as per the laws required blacks and whites to settle in blocks designated by the race quickly transformed as the Laney Walker District into Augusta’s principal black neighborhood. The Laney Walker is home to several historical black religious churches such as Trinity Christian Methodist Episcopal Church which is Augusta’s oldest black congregation that was created way back the black slavery in 1840. Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church and Central Baptist Church were also founded by the African Americans right before emancipation. EZ Augusta Junk Removal

Nearby Establishments

University Hospital Business Center

 Address: 1230 Walton Way (corner of Walton Way and 13th Street) Augusta, GA

James Brown Arena

 An entertainment venue with approximately 8,500 seats that hosts live music concerts, the circus, and community events.

Address: 601 7th St, Augusta, GA

The Boll Weevil Café and Sweetery

 A cozy café with its eclectic menu featuring more than 30 homemade desserts and a delectable Southern Delights menu with southern favorites such as fried green tomatoes and shrimp and grits. Their Southern specialties, soup, sandwiches, and wine that is served in a former cotton warehouse.

Address: 10 James Brown Blvd, Augusta, GA

Craftroom and Vine

 A cocktail bar and eatery that is politely tucked on Broadway Street just in the heart of downtown Augusta, Georgia. They feature hand-crafted cocktails with an elegant selection of wine and gourmet small plates. A fusion of old wood and metal modern mix and low lights bouncing off an art deco and leather.

Address: 1204b Broad Street Augusta, Georgia

The Living History Park

The Willow Springs Meeting House was built in 2002 and The Spring House Tavern is the only building within the park. The Blacksmith’s Forge was one of the first established buildings that are housed by the Living History Park.

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