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Phinizy Swamp Nature Park  

Phinizy Swamp Nature Park is a 1,100-acre nature park located in Augusta, Georgia. This Park has woodlands and wetlands area with a campus especially for water research and more environmental and biodiversity education with a visitor center. The Park has many bald cypresses that are draped down in a Spanish Moss and overhead loblolly trees where birds like great blue herons, wood ducks, sora, red-shouldered hawks and bald eagles yields on each corner of the Park. This park in Augusta is rich in wildlife such as different species of amphibians like frogs and toads, reptiles such as snakes and water moccasin, copperhead and pigmy rattlesnake’ beavers, muskrat, turtles and dragonflies can be seen everywhere on the park. Fishing and hunting are strictly not allowed within the premises of the park.


Phinizy Swamp have gone through so many tremendous changes and developments over the years and many people already left their mark. Native Americans were the first one that occupied this area that made them left behind some artifacts and evidence of the existence of the that once considered the swamp ass their home. The whole proximity to the river made the swamp an ideal place to live in. Phinizy Swamp is si big than the 1,100 acres of the whole Nature Park and have been estimated to about 7,000 acres that covers almost all the land between Gordon Highway, Doug Barnard and the Savannah River. EZ Augusta Junk Removal

Spots in Phinizy

The floodplain is which is filled with a very rich diverse plant life like Water Oak, Sweetgum, Bald Cypress and so much more. A variety of wildlife animals can be spotted like beavers, Egrets, Herons, Red Shouldered Haw and river otter.

Bridge Through the Woods

The steel and wooden bridge is a 25 feet bridge that spans Butler Creek that lets you have the opportunity to witness turtles and river otters, and is also a prefect location if you want to see damselflies, dragonflies and the rare Mayfly.

Floodplain Boardwalk and Observation Deck

This is a .1-mile wooden boardwalk that leads to the covered observation deck at the end of the bridge. The boardwalk, as well as the deck are very wonderful duo that adds to the the breathtaking beauty of the Phinizy Swamp Nature Park.

Mayor’s Fishing Hole

This is a popular public pond maintained and managed by Richmond County. Fishing is allowed here as per Georgia State fishing permit and also have been required.s

Wetland Cells

Butler Creek is now going through the construction of its wetlands system that consists of the distribution canal, 12 x 30-acre wet cells (or ponds), before being issued back into the Savannah River.

Address: 1858 Lock and Dam Rd, Augusta, GA

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