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Augusta Canal

This historic canal located in Augusta, Georgia is the canal that is fed by the Savannah River that passes through three levels along with the suburban and urban city of Augusta. Long before the water returns to the river from various locations, the river has been devised to harness the water source directly at the fall line of the Savannah River to drive mills, as well as to provide a municipal water supply. It has been the only canal in the US that is still continuing for its original purpose in providing power, municipal water, and transport to the residents of Augusta.


19th Century

During the 19th Century, the Augusta Canal was initially completed in 1845 as mainly a source of water, and transportation for the city of Augusta. This industrial canal was one of the few successful ones in the Southern United States. During the time of the construction, the Canal Commission of the City spearheaded by Henry Harford Cumming, personally paid a railroad engineer to conduct an initial survey for the project.

When the Civil War came, Augusta was one of the main sources of manufactured products in the South. Augusta was selected to become the main location for

The Confederate Powderworks which 28 buildings were the ones designed, constructed, and paid for by the government of the Confederate States of America.

20th Century

Major flooding in the city was one of the main problems during the 20th century. As many flooding incidents happened during the 1920s and 1930s. To diminish this problem the Federal Works Progress Administration has deployed hundreds of construction workers to have massive repair and improvements and to build a new spillway to straighten the canal.

21st Century

The Augusta Canal Authority moved forward with its master plan, so in 2003, the Augusta Canal Interpretative Center has opened in the revitalization Enterprise Mill. During the late 2003 and early 2004, two modern-day boats from Petersburg have plied the canal with bales of cotton and farm goods, that have begun operations for guided tours. EZ Augusta Junk Removal

Present Day

The Augusta Canal in Augusta, GA is the main source of the drinking water of the city and has been the centerpiece of the city. It has also been the focus of redevelopment. Textile mills and Sutherland mills have been converted to upscale offices, as well as loft apartments. The canal is now popularly known for its variety of recreational facilities and also guided tours on electric tour boats and kayaking and paddling and also for its multi-use trail.

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