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Augusta National Golf Club

Located in Augusta, Georgia, this most private club operate as a profit-corporations and does not disclose incomes, membership lists, holdings, as well as ticket sales. Founded by golfers Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones, this course was originally designed by Jones and Allister MacKenzie and have opened for casual plays in 1932. Ever since 1934, Augusta National Golf Club has hosted the annual Master’s Tournament on one of the four men’s major championships in professional golf.

Augusta National Golf Club is a 365-acre site of a once antebellum plantation named Fruitland. Jones aims to establish a world-class winter golf course that is located in his native state which is Georgia. The first decade since its establishment, membership was at a low state, and finances were short because of the drastic effect of the Great Depression.

Augusta is now a world-renowned gold course for its well-maintained and impeccable aesthetic. The club has been popular for its dogwoods and azaleas. Rules and policies are being imposed on employees, visitors, as well as club members, should be followed accordingly.

Berckmans Place

Berckmans Place is a 90,000 square for non-public dining and shopping complex that was built in 2012. It only operates for just a week annually during the Masters. Entry passes for the whole cost to $10,000 from $6,000 and they require an Augusta National’s approval and there is a 10-ticket limit. The price includes a free dining experience at Berckmans’ five full-service mouthwatering restaurants that have hundreds of chairs provided just for the guests. One of these restaurants includes Augusta’s Seafood, Calamity Jane’s Ike’s Place, Pavilion, and MacKenzie’s Pub. There is also a pro shop great for golfing equipment shopping galore.


During the 1990 Masters Tournament, a team from USGA raters organized a Golf Digest that evaluates courses and gives an unofficial rating of 76.2 and has been re-evaluated in 2009 that gave an unofficial rating of 78.1. The course’s lush green is meticulously maintained to make sure that everyone will have the best-golfing experience. EZ Augusta Junk Removal

Eisenhower Tree

A loblolly pine that is located on the 17th hole 210 yards away from the Masters’ tee. President Dwight Eisenhower is an Augusta National member who has hit the tree so many times that he proposed during the 1956 club meeting that it had to be cut down. It wasn’t removed not until the extensive damage of the ice storm to the tree.


Membership at the Augusta National Golf Course is strictly by invitation so it does not have an application process.

Address: 2604 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA

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