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Augusta Riverwalk

Riverwalk Augusta is the city’s park along the Savannah River located in downtown Augusta, Georgia. The Park is included on the top of Augusta’s levee. It extends to the Gordon Highway and 13th Street Bridge. It has been the site along the Riverwalk which includes St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Morris Museum of Art, and Georgia Cyber Center. During the late 1800s, the City of Augusta have been majorly affected by many years of devastating floods that caused many damages to residential homes, businesses in Downtown Augusta.

To control the future flooding events, the City of Augusta was set to construct a levee along the banks of the Savannah River in Downtown Augusta so it could protect or minimize the city from such flood events. However, in 1929, the city once again suffered a heavy flood that went above the levee structure and reached into the streets of Downtown. Many years later, the Flood Control Act of 1936 was established and passed into that authorized the United States Army Corps of Engineers into constructing new levee along with the Savannah to the current existing level that it sits at today.

After nearly four years and working with the state and partners from the federal for the approval of a groundbreaking ceremony, it was held in February 1986 to have improvements to the Riverwalk. The plan has been called for a brick on top of the halfway with its two bulkheads right into the Savanna River, and rebuilding of the Oglethorpe Park that is near to the Sixth Street Railroad Bridge. EZ Augusta Junk Removal

The Augusta Riverwalk during the present time is spanning between 6th to 10th Streets along the Savannah River just right in Downtown Augusta. The Riverwalk consists of two bricked levels with the upper level that are accessible via stairways and ramps located at the edge of 10th street.

8th Street Plaza and Bulkhead

Located at Reynolds and 8th Street. This lined brick pedestrian-only leads to the roads of the very magnificent overlooking scene of the river at 8th Street. This is the home of most events like Saturday Market on the River, and the top summer Sunday evenings events, such as the Candlelight Jazz Series that have held every Sunday between May and August.

9th Street and 10th Street Plazas

This is the brick road tradition place in downtown Augusta that hosts one of the largest water features downtown. The 9th Street Plaza directly leads you to the premier outdoor venue only in Augusta, Georgia.

Address: 10th St, Augusta, GA.

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