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Meadow Garden

Meadow is a historic house museum located at 1320 Independence Drive in Augusta, Georgia. This was the home of George Walton which was one of Georgia’s three signers for the U.S Declaration of Independence, and have been later becoming the Governor of Georgia as well as United States Senator. The Daughters of the American Revolution were restored and saved and later on became a museum in 1901. It was declared as a National Historic Landmark in 1981.

Meadow Garden is located on the west part of downtown Augusta and it is separated from the Augusta Canal way by the Augusta Canal Historic Walking Trail, and just east of the Sutherland Mill. The Meadow Garden is a 1 ½ story wood frame structure that is set on a high brick basement. It was built in stages and originally has three bays in width but currently has six.

The National Society of Daughters of American Revolution was founded in1890 with its mission in promoting historic preservation, patriotism, and education. During the early 1900s, DAR has purchased Meadow Garden, home of George Walton, and have placed the historic house in the full care and responsibility of Georgia State Society, Augusta Chapter. These women have begun loads of hard work in preserving such historically significant structures. The Society has maintained the home for at least 120 years.

On November 21, 1901, Meadow Garden has opened its doors for public access as a historic house museum. The property is also a National Historic Landmark and registered on the National Register of Historic Places. In addition to this is the contributing property that is within the Augusta Canal Industrial National Register Historic District. EZ Augusta Junk Removal

Historic Preservation

Historic preservation is important in telling stories of the roots of the Augusta heritage. In 1900, DAR purchased Meadow Garden to protect the endangered home of George Walton which was a signer of the Declaration. The organization began a proud tradition of continuous preservation of this historically significant building. For 120 years, the Georgia State Society of The Daughters of the American Revolution has maintained the Meadow Garden. Their disposal to restoring this historic structure has been guided and improved with the best information and technology in accordance with the standards of the present times.


Meadow Garden is extending its gratitude and appreciation to all of the donors for their continuous support for the restoration of this historical piece of architectural structure that was deeply rooted in the hearts of the City of Augusta.

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Address: 1320 Independence Dr, Augusta, GA

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