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The Morris Museum of Art

When you visit the city of Augusta, Georgia, make sure you go to The Morris Museum of Art. The Morris Museum was established in 1985 as a non-profit institution of a publisher of The Augusta Chronicle as memorabilia for William S. Morris III to his parents. The museum is dedicated to the fine collection of the amazing art and artists of the American South. In 1989, Morris have bought 230 pictures from Southern art collector Robert P. Coggins as a means to exhibit for The Morris that have opened in 1992 on September 26 that has attracted over 10,000 visitors during its first two months.

The Morris houses more than 3,000 works in its permanent exhibitions, but just like other museums, The Morris hosts changing exhibits, musical events, hand-on art programs, and educational programs. The Morris Museum of Art is the oldest museum in the US that dedicated to the art and artists of the American South and the only existing museum located in the Central Savannah River.

Permanent Collection

The Morris Museum’s permanent collection was established in 1989 from a purchase of 230 by Dr. Robert Powell Coggins which was a pioneering collector of Southern art. That acquisition set the museum’s mission and has been identifying special interest in the art and artists of the American South. The collections are approximately 700 objects and half of it are paintings. Today, The Morris Museum has included 5,000 artworks that are deeply rooted in the fifteen states and the District of Columbia.


Contemporary Art in the South

  • Tenant House II
  • Ocoee
  • Daughters of the South
  • Col. Poole’s Pig Hill of Fame
  • Gospel Sing
  • The Art of Drawing

Art Glass

  • Seaform 173
  • Amber Blue Phloem
  • Intoxication Lurid Sipper

Images of Civil War

  • The Lost Cause
  • Columbia Welcoming the South Back into the Union
  • Floyd’s Command, Gauley Bridge, Virginia
  • Surprise Attack Near Harper’s Ferry
  • The Rebel Charge

Impressionism in the South

  • By the Arbor
  • Pauline, a Little Friend of Mine
  • The Sunny South
  • Charleston Doorway
  • The Yellow Parasol
  • Rainbow

Modernism in the South

  • From This Earth
  • Abstraction
  • Rock Hill Textile Plant
  • I Can’t Sleep

19th Century Portraits

  • Portrait of African-American Woman
  • Portrait of Thomy King
  • The Castle Builder
  • Young Girl with Cat
  • Portrait of Western Berkeley Thomas and Emily Howard Thomas of Augusta, Georgia

Regionalism in the South

  • Saturday Night
  • Bargain Basement
  • Hoover and the Flood

Southern Stories

  • Baptism in Virginia
  • Opossum Snout, Haralson County
  • Young Girl in Interior
  • The Price of Blood

And so much more to see!


Address: 1 Tenth Street Augusta, GA

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