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Summerville is a hilltop suburban neighborhood separate from Augusta by the late 18th century. This small village on the sandhill of the west of the town is situated as the Indian Trading Road linking the Creek Indian Nation to the west with Augusta. Some part of that road is followed by many parts of today’s Broad Street, upper McDowell Street, Battle Row, and Wrightsboro Road. Elite class Augusta citizens like George Walton, John Cumming, and John Milledge acquired large properties on the hill during 1780. The names remain as one of Summerville streets until now.

Ever since the establishment of Summerville, it has been the home of many of Augusta’s most influential residents. Augusta’s proximity to the area of the river that surrounds the low-lying marshland that is made it an uncomfortable location during hot summer in Georgia.

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Early on the local people have recognized that the air on “The Hill” was not just cooler during summertime but also healthy as well. Malarial fever was a common disease in the downtown area, Summerville was an exception from it. A major outbreak of fever within the city nearly wiped out the entire garrison stationed at the U.S Arsenal near the river in Harrisburg in 1820. The recommendation of the US Government is to purchase about 72 acres of Freeman Walker’s “Bellevue” plantation on Summerville to relocate the arsenal to a healthier area in Georgia.

During 1890 Summerville became a fashionable winter resort as well as golf capital with the construction of many several large hotels and later on the Augusta National Golf Club. The village was transformed from a summer resort for the locals to a winter playground area for wealthy northern politicians and industrialists.

Nearby Attractions, Pubs, and Restaurants

Augusta Country Club

 Located in Augusta, Georgia, this most private club operate as a profit-corporations and does not disclose incomes, membership lists, holdings, as well as ticket sales.

Address: 655 Milledge Rd, Augusta, Georgia


A rustic-chic eatery with its brick and wood-clad walls that offers a seafood forward menu and their wine and beer selections.

Address: 2111 Kings Way, Augusta, GA

Finch and Fifth

 An intimate haunt that features amazing cocktails, cheese platters, and tapas with a Southern twist in their cozy ambiance.

Address: 379 Highland Ave, Augusta, GA

Sheehan’s Irish Pub

 A refined pub food, beer, and craft cocktails are served in a very romantic set up with a cozy brick house interior.

Address: 2571 Central Ave, Augusta, GA

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